The Advisory group distinguishes itself in offering a full-service investment banking platform, drawing upon its professionals’ wealth of experience as investment bankers, operators, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Whether serving as a transaction-based advisor to lead M&A or fundraising efforts, or serving as an ongoing C-suite extension to extract business insights, shape Board / partnership needs, or guide strategic value creation, Cabrera Capital enhances decision-making and brings clarity to execution for complex transactions and engagements.

Founder-led and Management-owned companies are Cabrera Capital’s niche

While the Advisory group is discerning in its clientele, we actively seek out opportunities to engage non-traditional situations and idiosyncratic businesses that would benefit from our creativity and perspective.

Our ability to identify and narrate sources of competitive advantage on behalf of clients,
to establish value for intangibles where market consensus continues to develop, and to architect mutually beneficial scenarios within complex ownership structures, are highlighted across:

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Providing insights, guidance, and transaction execution to founder-led and management-owned companies
  • Driving acquisition strategies, discerning value creating partnerships, and creating attractive exit opportunities

Private Capital Raising

  • Providing access to equity and debt capital from private equity funds, family offices, institutional investors, and high-net worth individuals to realize value or pursue growth

Strategic Initiatives

  • Using strong network of private equity, venture capital, and entrepreneurial communities to establish and expand strategic alliances that will accelerate success for clients
  • Identifying and negotiating positions in early-stage and growth-stage companies that complement principal capital theses involving data & analytics and ESG initiatives

Cabrera’s Advisory group include seasoned:


who have advised billions of dollars in transactions at bulge and boutique levels


who have served as C-suite executives navigating the path to growth and profits


who have cultivated platforms from proof-of-concept to revenue generation


who have driven investment theses across verticals and global geographies